Friday, May 27, 2011

quick castor oil moisturizing routine

Since my transition I have been learning new ways to maintain my hair's health. Now that I am dealing with two textures I understand that what my new growth may need might not be what my relaxed hair wants. So now I have been trying to find products that work on both my new growth and relaxed her.

My newest found love it Castor Oil. I never really thought about using it before because it is a thicker oil, almost like syrup, that I always felt would weigh down my relaxed hair. But Castor Oil has worked like a charm on my new growth and relaxed strands.

One thing I like to do with my Castor Oil is take a spray bottle of regular water and when my new growth feels dry I mist it with the spray bottle. I don't drench my new growth but just mist it enough that I can feel my new growth loosen up and get moist. I then follow up by sealing with the Castor Oil. The way that I apply it is almost like the old school way you would grease your scalp. I just go through my hair sectioning it and rubbing in very small amounts of Castor Oil. When I am done I then apply they remaining Castor Oil that is left on my hands to the rest of my hair and ends. By doing this I am applying just the right amount of Castor Oil without weighing down my relaxed strands.

I have been learning other ways to use Castor Oil and plan to share them with you as I try them out. For now I know that my hair loves Castor Oil and it is now one of my staples!
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